The Towing & Recovery Professionals of Connecticut are Fighting for You

The TRPC is committed to supporting and defending the rights and interests of towing, recovery and storage businesses in Connecticut.

TRPC Principles and Purposes:

  • To foster and promote the interest and welfare of all towing, recovery, and storage operators of Connecticut.
  • To support and create fair competition in all business dealings, and to promote and encourage at all times good fellowship among members.
  • To foster and support the enactment of wise and uniform legislation, as it may affect the purpose of this industry.
  • To give assistance, where practicable and appropriate, in regard to state or local legislation, when requested to do so by a recognized member in the district involved; and to oppose, where practicable, any unwise legislation that may affect unjustly the towing, storage and recovery industry.
  • To seek to eliminate unfair and destructive industry practices.
  • To foster cooperation and unity among associations in our industry, that we may have a representative body powerful enough to serve and protect members in all of their purposes which may be lawful and beneficial to the towing and recovery industry, and to the public at large.

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Here are some of the things the TRPC Team has accomplished in the recent past:

  1. Hired the best law firm in the state of Connecticut dealing with motor vehicles.
  2. Negotiated realistic new rates for non-consensual tows under re-regulation.
  3. Initiated revisions to the Abandoned Motor Vehicle regulations.
  4. Opened channels with the State Police for establishing rotation list requirements and included large number of members in the process.
  5. Kept an open door policy that improved member relations and support.& Provided more personal contact between members and the association.
  6. Formed a Political Action Committee and drew up a plan for supporting and educating legislators.
  7. Conducted driver certification testing sessions for members and tested 2000 drivers.
  8. Held Lockout and Chain & Cable seminars in cooperation with AW Direct.
  9. Published and distributed TRPC Manuals for members, along with updates.
  10. Revised Membership Directory and distributed to all members.
  11. Instituted regular support of the Doreset Home.
  12. Instituted regular support for the Give 2 the Troops drive.
  13. Re-instituted support of Toys for Tots and donated $350 in cash and 190 toys.
  14. Arranged with AW Direct for programs providing rebate to TRPC.
  15. 2008 Vendors Night a record success.
  16. Due to teamwork and member support, the monthly raffle has “exploded”.

Working as a Team, TRPC looks forward to continued success & Some of the things we are working on:

  1. Get more involved in local problems of towers.& Helping members at the local level to build support for the association.
  2. Recognize inpidual towers for their community service, and increase recognition that each each TRPC member IS A PROFESSIONAL.
  3. Continue offering driver certification at all levels.& Begin regular Red Cross safety certification seminars for small groups.
  4. Attend political events and get better acquainted with legislators.
  5. Work for legislation on insurance dumping, third plates, and other critical issues for towers.
  6. Send mailings at least once a year to Connecticut towers, to promote new membership.
  7. Develop presentation materials to show prospective members and vendor members.
  8. Improve public relations through regular press releases.& Send articles about TRPC participation in D.A.R.E., Toys for Tots and Dorset House: about members becoming certified; etc.
  9. Develop closer relationship with DMV to improve the procedures for rate requests.
  10. Develop closer relationships with State Police, state legislators, and other officials.